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After a very long road trip we decided to separate and us girls went ahead of the boys.  (They were hauling an enclosed trailer and at top speed were going 55mph. So with a consistently crying child they finally agreed to let us go ahead.)  Backstory: I pretty much signed a lease on our condo without seeing it. I had a great vibe from the landlord.  She went into such great detail about everything, in a way that made me feel totally comfortable.  About an hour away from our new home and after twenty-five hours of on the road time, I start getting extremely anxious.  “What where you thinking?! You signed a lease, gave a deposit on a place you haven’t even seen yet!” I kept reminding myself that at some point I did have peace about this. That last hour of the drive felt like three.

We arrive, exhausted.

The landlords greet us and give us a tour of everything from the light switches to the views.  The place was just as described.  They had purchased groceries, toys for the babe, new bedding, wine, a journal, toiletries, towels, hot tea and I know I’m forgetting other things.  I was totally blown away.  This place is just a kiss from heaven.  Example: we keep our balcony door open, so as we sleep we can hear the ocean.  So freakin peaceful.

Digs was still on central time and was up at 4am our first morning home.  So we got up and took him to see the ocean for the first time while the sun was waking up.  He loved the water although not the sand at first. (He has a thing with textures.)

The highlight of that day was seeing them play together and his dad show him things.  We walked to the pier, petted dogs and someone gave Digs a small fish.

Baby D sees the beach for the first time


Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset
I LOVE seeing them play together on the beach. It gets me every time.


More soon!






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