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the journey to “the resting place”

There is absolutely SO much to share about this new beginning. Seriously, I’ve thought about this first post and how I could share from five totally separate angles.   After three years of preparation to leave KC and final the decision and peace to stay in KC, we were hit with a great job opportunity we couldn’t resist. When we got the offer, there was a sort of numbness…we’d been down this road before. Twice. Hopes had been up, only to crash at our feet.  The time it registered with my spirit is when I googled our new town. I discovered the meaning of our new town’s name: “the resting place”. Um, OK!  I’ll receive that!   It took us a full five days of traveling with a 15 month old, my sister, brother and husband. No body slept. We journeyed through Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and final made it to our oasis in SoCal. When we sleep we no longer hear the crashing of our dreams, but the crashing of the great Pacific Ocean waves. Glory! If I could do it all over again I would have flown out with the baby, but instead I’ve got lots of stories to share since we took the hard road.

Here are some photos of our journey!  But before the journey, my brother who didn’t come with, made this little gem. A recreation of sorts of a childhood favorite.


So my grandpa has this thing with signs.  I’m actually surprised there is no cross on this one!  He has a “logo” of his and grandma’s initials that he puts on EVERYTHING! Here is the early morning, “Gang’s all here pic!”


digsby napping
Don’t let this sweet angelic photo fool you.  This child did NOT like napping in the car.  But look at those cheekies!
The Great Continental Divide.  Just glorious.
Little people in a big world. #grandcanyon


Be back soon!



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