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oh caca.

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I love this photo. My favorite thing to do is to sit and watch and play together on the beach. It warms my heart. Which, is good because it’s been a little chilly here.

Digs  has been struggling with this transition. Well, at least I tell myself that. It probably has nothing to do with the fact that he thinks he is a 12-year-old trapped in a 16 month old body. Yesterday was rough.  After screaming at me all day and constantly telling me,” NO!!” I gave him a bath. He then decided to shit in the tub. ( they were mainly healthy if you were wondering.) As I’m cleaning and I’m thinking, there is no love like the love that cleans someone else’s caca up. That’s what I said to motivate me and not leave it for his father. I did that once. And I decided I will do it again next time! Even though scenery changes motherhood and toddler troubles remain. I keep reminding myself it’s just a season, like all moms do. 😁

Here’s to motherhood, exhaustion and shitty days! We got this mamas.



5 thoughts on “oh caca.

  1. Atleast they were healthy and whole. It’s the worst when it’s loose 😂. If I left shit in the tub for Brian to clean, there would still be shit in the tub! Ha.

    The picture of you and josh smiling melted my heart. I miss you. I love how you are signing the end of your blogs. Perfection.

    Show me pics of the new place!!!!
    And can I just say, that wetsuit was killin’ it on Digs. Too much. Just too much!


    1. I really miss you!!! I’ll post pics of our place! It doesn’t feel like home yet because it’s furnished and we can’t put holes in the walls to hang pics. So I want to take her stuff off the walls and use her nails. We still have our trailer half full and all that stuff is in the back. Hopefully I’ll get to it soon!


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