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we all scream for the royals!

Happy Royals home opener day!! ⚾️💙🏆

I woke up this morning from an opener buzz felt across several states. I’m really going to miss my boys in blue and the electric city of amazing KC Royals fans!

When we were back home we put Digs in daycare since I was going to start working. They transistioned him to one nap a day at a fresh year old  mark. I didn’t think it was the best but they insisted we try it out.  He got better with it, but still some mornings when I brought him in late he would sometimes fall asleep in the car and when I’d pick him up, he was exhausted.

We’ve decided to try doing two naps again with his attitude difficulty. We’re on day three and it seems to be much better. Selfishly though, I wish he’d take one three hour fatty. I mean, I’ve got some friends to meet and make and don’t need him to be sleeping all day or screaming at me to do that!

Who knows if this is the best choice. I do know it’s giving me more grace and making me feel like a better mom since he isn’t being disciplined ALL DAY.  So for now I’ll just talk to my new bestie, also known as this blog. Maybe I should name her, it’d feel more personal.  Well actually, I better not  I don’t want any new friends I make to thing I’m crazy.


We we went to the park this afternoon. (Inbetween naps) Confession: sometimes I like him more in pictures. I’ll look at them while he’s asleep and I get a wave of internal squeezing. Like when all your insides hold your breath, your stomach tightens and clinch your jaw. For a brief period I consider waking him up to play. Then I wake up from my fantasy to him screaming wanting out of jail, I mean his crib.

For your viewing pleasure.

Processed with VSCO with g3 presetProcessed with VSCO with g3 preset







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