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wanted: a local bestie 

We’ve been getting A LOT of park time in and I’m loving it!  The only bummer about the weather here is that when it’s raining, it’s really hard to find indoor things for a toddler to do.  I’m sure you’re thinking, “Waahh.  Waahh!”  Not complaining, AT ALL!


Digs has gotten pretty good at climbing the steps and LOVES the swing.  We went from a one story house to a two-story condo with the main entrance on the second floor.  So aside from the park, he’s mastering this newly learned skill and my calves are looking good! 👌🏼


We’ve tried a few churches (three, to be exact).  It’s been hard since we haven’t liked any of them and I’m counting on finding a church so I can make some besties!  A full month of talking to my husband like he’s a girl and knowing that he really doesn’t “get it” is getting old for me (and I’m sure for him). During our park time, I’m on the official ‘fellow-mommy-friend hunt’.  There have been four women who I’ve get a good vibe from.  They seem to have a good spirit.  I start talking and EACH ONE OF THEM haven’t spoke a lick of English. I did run into a lady in the grocery store. She asked me where the bread is (in plain ol’ English). I immediately think, ‘Maybe WE could be friends!” She was an elderly lady, probably in her late 80’s. As I’m taking her to the bread aisle, I realize that even though I absolutely love older people, but with her (highly probable) doctor appointments and my child reverting back to two naps, this has a very low chance of working. I showed her the bread and continued my hunt.

I found a few mom’s groups through this app called MeetUp and we have our first playdate today! Here’s to hoping I can keep my shit together and not be an overwhelming-friend-needing-weirdo!



4 thoughts on “wanted: a local bestie 

  1. Maybe you can journey through learning a new language via friendship?! you can blog tips & tricks for us future expats 😜🤔

    I love you, bestie! ❤️❤️❤️


    1. Did you like how I put ‘local’ in there? 😉😊 I’m thinking I may have to compromise on the language stipulation. I’ll tell you about my day when we talk next. I really want to blog about it because it’s hilarious but I’m not sure I should.


  2. I actually met one of our first friends here at a park. She has a 3 year old as well and him and Isaiah are good buds now. Daniel also started a random conversation with a guy our age at a coffee shop and him and his wife have two boys as well. Building relationships has taken time. Living away from home really forces you to get out of your shell. Sounds like you are doing a great job already! Love your beach pics!!


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