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surfing usa 

We had a family day last Saturday. We found a soft top surf board at Costco when we first got here. In all honesty I was really annoyed by this huge thing in our itty-bitty living space. After experiencing it, I think it was a great buy!

It’s hard to take the little one to the beach alone. I’m on the hunt for a sand stroller to make the journey easier. Digs and I did find a great spot this week, it’s a playground on a beach nearby. It was our first time to the ocean, just us two. Let me tell you, no extra workout needed that day!

Back to the family day, I get out in the water with the board (after a pep talk to myself) and FREAKED out! I couldn’t help but stare at the gigantic waves that I was NO where near! I froze. I couldn’t go deeper than my knees! Josh is laughing hysterically at me from the shore and finally comes to my rescue. Josh learned how to surf in Hawaii 10+ years ago, but my rusty instructor got me to body-board TWICE!
Enjoy the pics!



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Family selfie time! We SO need a selfie-stick!

Look at that reflection!




Digs preferred the board on solid ground



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