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happy 🌍 day!


A few years ago I visited Niagara Falls. It was absolutely  incredible! So MUCH water and it’s ALWAYS poring! I often close my eyes and go back to that place. It is insane to me that right now it still flows! At this very moment!  Right now, the Grand Canyon is still amazingly deep with all the colorful nooks and crevices. Right now, the ocean waves are crashing on thousands of beaches. Right now, an incredible sun set is setting. Right now, the tall redwoods stand in fully erected  glory. Right now, there is a shooting star.

“The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands” Psalms 19.1

There is so much of God’s glory displayed through creation, all over this earth and in the heavens. We truly are little people in a great big world!

Josh gets a every-other-Friday off. It’s also known as, mama’s day to sleep in! Not only did I get to sleep in, I was delivered breakfast on our bedroom balcony. I enjoyed my morning watching the ocean and palm trees sway during breakfast. Dreamy right?!

Later on in the day we went hiking at Grant Park Trail in Ventura. We scored a $30 BOB on Craigslist and decided to take it for a test hike. If I would have known the glory, I would have paid full price two years ago for this beast of burden! It’s like the shopping carts at IKEA, why are those things in every store?!

This is the Serra Cross Park.  This was the end destination of our hike.

Halla at your girl! And Happy Earth Day!



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