Family Life

may day 

It’s May Day! That means that summer is almost here! I LOVE summer, the tan lines, putting away the winter clothes, the pool, early summer mornings, grilling, summer holidays, bond fires, summer attire…oh I could go on and on. 

We had brunch at our house this weekend for one of Josh’s coworkers and his wife. They are moving soon for work, (just like what happened to this other couple we met and fell in love with). But that’s life I suppose. It was great to entertain, even though I didn’t bring much to entertain with, to Cali. I made blueberry muffins from scratch. They are absolutely amazing. I’m thinking of adding a food aspect to this blog. I get Ree Drummond.  Moving to a new place and being alone. I’ve been cooking and baking at least one new thing a week and lots of stuff from scratch.  I love to bake and take pictures. We shall see. 

This morning we loaded up to go to church. On the way, we decided we were hungry and wanted a family day!  Oh, how my heart craves these days. Several months ago, as we processed moving away from our family and friends, we constantly talked about how we’d be able to “do us”. Focus on our little family unit. I used to look on Instagram and get so discouraged when I saw people spending time with there little family (what seemed like) all the time. I get that some families get lots of quality time in, some don’t and like us, some wish they could. For us, being away has helped to focus on us three. Josh and I have laughed and played more together than in any other season. I’m SO thankful for this season and pray some aspects of it never leave us but become our family culture. 

Today we went to Channel Islands Harbor. We went for breakfast, but discovered they have a farmer’s market, that is more like a festival-market hybrid. We found a BBQ tent and it made us wish we had a place for our smoker! Then We found this great coffee shop called Honey Cup. They have a Craft Draft iced coffee. The best I’ve ever had. Delish! 



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