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paradise falls


I remember hearing a joke from Ellen DeGeneres it went something like, “when did a walk become called a hike?  Isn’t it just a walk outside?” Hiking does sound so much cooler though. Other than my childhood ‘hiking’ (also known as playing in the woods) experiences I’ve not hiked in my adult years until moving to SoCal. That’s probably because I lived in the flatlands of the Midwest.  We recently went on our second family hike, and I’m using the term hike very loosely here because we have this cute little angel of a toddler traveling with us in a stroller…so yeah, I guess we really did just take a walk outside.

On the way to the waterfall you could hear the dried greenery moving, like a possible snake but probably a lizard. There was a trail called, Lizard Rocks near by.  I was still jumpy.  I’ve heard of these belly-ridden reptiles in this region.  We finally made it to our destination (only seeing friendly lizards).  It was beautiful!  The 40 foot waterfall has some negative reviews on Yelp for it being stinky. I didn’t smell anything until we left, and it was only for about 30 seconds. Part of the water in the fall comes from urban runoff. I didn’t look at Yelp until we got home, nor did I see the sign that we stood next to for this picture.

So yes, we let our child play in it.  We hiked walked down a path and let our kid play in dirty water. We’d also let him play in a puddle on the street.

He LOVED every second of it!  Enjoy the pics!


This is when weren’t going to get in the water.

This melts my heart and makes me giggle everytime I look at it!


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