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a birthday, sailing with a toddler & a sister

It’s been a busy month! This place is starting to feel like where we live. Not so much like ‘home’ yet but home in the sense that we’re  not on vacation. We’ve had a handful of visitors come this past month and has made us realize more than ever that our place is tiny.  We are constantly dreaming of buying a house in the Midwest with land and a pool. The confined space makes me yearn for a place to stretch out and get nakey in my own pool without people around. I’ve been pinning a lot lately so I’ll be totally prepared when the day arrives. 

Josh had a long summer break, about 3 weeks off of school which felt like such a long time. It was just wonderful. (Another in the string of reasons I haven’t posted) We got a lot of great quality time in. I loved it, he wasn’t distracted nor did he have a looming deadline in the back of his mind. 

Josh and my best-friend’s husband share the same birthday! So, the Svensson’s came in town over Memorial Day weekend to celebrate. We spent a lot of time in L.A. (Yuck) But it was fun to do a little sightseeing. We had a picnic at the Griffith Observatory where you can see the Hollywood sign, went to the Hollywood walk of fame and spent some time in Santa Monica. 

Digsby LOVES his Uncle Erik!

We have this foodie neighbour. He’s always making these great meals and sharing them with us. He’s a man full of surprises. He asked us a while back if we wanted to go sailing. Ummm….heck yea! So we invited one of Josh’s co-workers and his family and boarded this huge sailboat. It was in the Top 10 of worse decisions I’ve made as a parent.  It’s like when we agreed to go out we forgot we have a child, not is he just a child, he’s this toddler who doesn’t like to be restrained (in a life vest) and loves pushing buttons and pulling levers. So we have to hold Digs the entire time. Well, Josh holds him because I had NO CLUE that sailboats tip to one side as they sail. It’s got me freaked out because I don’t feel sure footed and I’m not that great of a swimmer. So I do not feel confident in having my child in my care. Josh ends up taking him below deck where Digsby has the biggest tantrum of his little life. Josh and I fight. Digsby pukes all over the bed. I get nauseous. We fight some more. It was an epic fail. Sailing is not for me. Maybe before I had kids but now I’m so cautious with my life, I mean if I died, Josh would be totally screwed. (You know maybe we need to up my life insurance policy) Josh tried to tell me our neighbor the Captain has been doing this for over 30 years and has taken a few several month long voyages. Still freaked me out. The plus side is that we got to see a TON of dolphins. That was magical but not enough magic to do it again. 

Last weekend, over Father’s Day, my sister came into town. She helped us take the long road trip to move here. It was SO great to have her here when we could just hang out. We had a blast! We painted rocks, found a cove where we could get sun and Digs could play in the water with out having to worry about the undertow, we went on a hike, discovered another beach and had pizza at a marina. Josh celebrated his day of being a great dad by fishing off a local pier for sharks. He’s obsessed now and back out there this weekend!

So now you’re pretty much caught up on our little family’s life. 



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