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a lovely addition 




Baby announcement number two


Ahhhh!! We’re going to have another BAY-BEE!! We’re SO excited! Well, Josh and I are, Digsby has no clue what’s going on. (No matter how many times I try to tell him.) I found out a few days before Josh’s birthday and I was able to tell him as a part of his birthday gift! Super fun and great timing! I have finally found an OBGYN that I like. It’s been a bit of a struggle. (I guess this place is consistent, everything that I think won’t be a big deal is. It’s weird.) No one seems to like their doctors. One lady told me she liked hers, but could never understand what he was saying. Um, no thanks! I got another referral to this guy, great reviews online, seemed great. I get there, and the nurse leaves the room, instructs me to get down to my birthday suit and into one of those paper medical robes. I think I’m probably on the fast end of doing this because well…who wouldn’t be?! As I’m opening the paper robe the Dr. starts to walk in, I tell him I’m not ready yet he still walks in, sees me in my glory and then leaves. I’m thinking, well I guess you’ll be seeing more glory in about nine-months. He comes in after I’m ready, we chit-chat. He’s got this faded pink rose on the lapel of his doctor’s jacket. I’m sure it means something so sweet and sentimental but all I could think of was that this flower is not even alive and it’s dying, it’s like a dead baby doll. I couldn’t get it out of my head. It creeped me out so much I resumed the hunt. I took Digs to his doctor that I found that is about 20 miles away. (When I mention that to people here, they gawk like I’m taking my child across state line to see a doctor.) Anyway, the nurse recommended an OBGYN that had delivered a grandbaby of hers. She said, “I don’t know how else to say it, but he carries peace.” Oh, that made my heart happy! That’s exactly what I want in a delivery doctor! I had my first appointment with him a couple weeks ago and I like him! [Insert praise Jesus hands here.] I thought it would be fun to randomly give some pregnancy updates. Enjoy!

Gender Prediction: The Chinese Calendar and the old-wives-tale of the rapid heartbeat both point to a girl filled with sugar and spice and all things nice. I was fully convinced Digsby was a girl! All my dreams were of a little girl. I had three dreams of a baby boy and each time it was a mixed baby boy. (My husband and I are white) They were all SO REAL! I was so convinced, I read up on people having different color babies than the parents. My husband and I both have one parent each who was in the foster system and so who knows our genetic make-up has in it, I thought. I wasn’t convinced he’d be a boy until he came out. So, I’m waiting for the sonogram to give us a definite answer!

Weight Gain: 8lbs. A good friend told me that could be resolved by a trip to the restroom. Great point!

Symptoms: Oh Lord. I do not remember being this crazy this early with Digsby. I nearly hated my husband until a few days ago. I just want to sleep. SO BAD. I’ve been trying to get up with Digs, nap until he naps, then nap again when he naps. I’d been putting on a movie and letting him frolic around our condo. Well, then this happened:

digs on tv

So, now he gets locked up in his highchair all morning. Luckily, most days he complies! My ideal day would be sleeping until 2pm as I randomly wake to cry. Then at 2pm be woken by a steak and large piece of chocolate cake.

Due Date: January 29, 2017

Gestational Age: 11 weeks. In case you’re wondering, the answer is, yes. I’m already in maternity clothing. It has to be a world-record.



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