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it’s a baby!

A little pregnancy update! Hint: if you’re a dude, you may not want to read this.

At my last appointment I was 16 weeks and 5 days, so just at the beginning of being able to find our the sex of the bay-bee! My doctor uses an ultra sound, himself, to hear the heartbeat at each appointment.  This is new to me, because my old Dr. had a doppler to hear the heart beat and a tech to see the sonogram.  As much as I LOVE my old doctor, this is probably the coolest thing ever!  I get to see the little angel face every month!  So, walking in, we were hoping to find out the sex, but not sure if it was too early.  I wanted a girl for me and a boy for Digsby.  And I wanted a brother more than a sister, because he’d have a built-in BFF/wrestle buddy/roommate and let’s be honest, I feel like I’ve got this boy mom thing down, at least a bit.  Driving in, Josh and I were talking about what kind of baby I was baking and since all the wives tales pointed to girl and this pregnancy is SO MUCH better, I thought, it must be a girl!

He couldn’t see the baby using the doppler on my tummy because this little peanut was down in my pelvic region. So after an up and close wand we got to see the little baby parts!

Head | Spine | Measuring ONE week larger |

Digs gets a BROTHER!!  We are just SO excited!!!  Digs totally gets what’s going on. He talks about the baby, pulls my shirt up to snuggle the baby and gives his little brother his snacks (through my button, of course).  It’s the craziest and sweetest thing I’ve ever seen!

The baby is measuring big, but the doctor isn’t changing the due date because it doesn’t mean much in this season, but it does explain the weight gain this month!

Cravings: Chocolate cake with a side of a KC strip steak

Weight Gain: 4 lbs!

The Best Part: Seeing Digsby love on the new guy already.

The Worst Part:  I can not sleep!  And no, my body is not preparing me because I didn’t sleep that much to begin with! However, this pregnancy is WAY better than my last, so the worst part isn’t that bad as I know it can be! (Last time one of my legs was numb and I couldn’t walk/stand for more than a few minutes at a time without feeling like a one-legged watermelon)



5 thoughts on “it’s a baby!

  1. Can you take non-addictive sleep aides?? I have to every night to sleep or I wouldn’t either😟
    I love your updates!!! You make me smile from the heart to the lips😊


    1. I’m glad you like them! It’s fun! I rotate Tylenol PM and Benadryl but I don’t like taking stuff every night for no particular reason. But I bet I’ll be banging them back in the 3rd trimester! 😉😊


      1. I just read the differences in acetaminophen & ibuprofen. Tylenol hurts your liver. The stuff I use is CVS brand sleep aid that’s non-addictive. It contains Diphenhydramine 50mg. You might ask the Dr if it’s okay for you?? Not sure why Tylenol is okay vs ibuprofen??


  2. Here you go. I copied and pasted this from Baby Center. “Research has shown that it may cause a passage in the baby’s heart to close prematurely, possibly leading to heart or lung damage or even death. Taking ibuprofen or other NSAIDs in the last few weeks of pregnancy has also been linked to low amniotic fluid levels and high blood pressure in the lungs of the newborn. There’s also some concern that these medications may delay or prolong labor and, if used within seven days of delivery, increase bleeding in the mother.”
    And there’s also been link to miscarriage in the first trimester with it. Tylenol has just recently (in the past few weeks) been thought to possibly contribute to mental development/disabilities but they are still doing research and have been telling pregnant women it’s safe to use for years. That’s most of the reason I mix it up and don’t just take one drug nor take it all the time.


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