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second time around


Being this far along in my pregnancy the second time has been such a great experience. I struggled so much with wanting my first child, even though I wanted kids.  This baby is a whole new experience.  I’m not afraid. I’m not afraid of the pain of delivery nor the ginormous unknown factor.  It’s SO much more enjoyable when you’re not  afraid!  It’s caused such a level of excitement.  When I found out I was pregnant with Digsby, my husband tells the story that we were jumping up and down for joy.  Well, he totally was.  I was standing in our kitchen crying and I kept repeating, “It has to come out…it has to come out…” Now I have SO much more confidence!  I feel the baby move (All the time!) and I’m certain it’s him. And when he gets in an uncomfortable spot I don’t let him stay and hit my, I poke him back! I also think this confidence has sped time up because it’s not consuming my thoughts.  I’m already TWENTY weeks pregnant!  That’s half-way people!

So, I literally love the doctor who delivered my first child, Digsby.  The kind of love where he could sleep in my home for as long as he needed or if he was in a financial bind I’d give him all I had. That kind of love. He really is incomparable.  I know our love is a once in a lifetime kind of love, so when I went looking for a new doctor, I didn’t expect to love my new OBGYN as much as my old one.  And I don’t, however I will say seeing a younger man doctor has its advantages.  Like I’ve already mentioned this doctor does the ultra-sounds himself so I get to see the little peanut every time I go and that is amazing!  He also does free 3D/4D sonograms!  I think those things are weird and cool all at the same time, but I’d never pay for it.  It seems a tad silly to me. But I’m SO excited to have it done!  Oh, I can’t wait! I’ll be 26 weeks when we get it done!

In unrelated and totally not pregnancy related news, my family had a scare this week.  My grandpa who is best described as an old stubborn farmer, even though he isn’t a farmer, but he does live in the country. Anyway, he told my grandma that he needed to go into the ER.  That was HUGE!  This man used to go to work when he had pneumonia!  It’s like the equivalency of his arm hanging on by a tendon and he finally says, “Hey, maybe we should go to the hospital, I don’t think my prid salve is going to heal this.” His lungs were full of blood clots and the nurses were convinced he would be in the hospital for a long while.  He’s in his 70’s and overweight, but not on one medication.  (It could be because of that nasty vinegar water he drinks every day and tries to trick me into drinking) To everyone’s surprise he was only there TWO nights and they found the source in his leg so he’ll be on blood thinners for a few months and he’s been cleared with no restrictions.  Praise Jesus! I am SO thankful!  My grandpa is a rock. I know in my mind that my grandparents are getting older, but I just refuse to really believe it.  It was awful not being close to them during those few days.  My brother did go visit and he FaceTimed so we got to be there in a 21st century sort of way!  That was  definitely the highlight of my week!

Digs and Grandpa chatting it up!

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